If you look after a business, you have copy that needs to be written.

And if you can’t do it yourself, you need a copywriter.

“Copy” just means “words”. And your business needs words – for its website, emails, marketing, sales, packaging, adverts, and much more.

As a copywriter, I write words in clever ways that make your audience sit up and take notice. Remember you. Choose you over all the others. Join, buy, recommend, stay.

You are:
A fitness business owner, in charge of marketing or brand in a fitness business, or you work for an agency who’s just taken on a fitness client.

You need:
Words for a website, some web pages, sales pages, marketing emails, brand documents, packaging, or product descriptions.

I Am:

Just The Other Side Of This Button

How does it work?

Get in touch and tell me a bit about the project.
We’ll arrange a quick call or video chat
I’ll ask you more about your business, the project, and what you need to achieve

You can ask me anything you like about what it’s like to work with me

I’ll send a proposal within 72 hours, outlining timescales, deliverables, fees, and exactly what you can expect.

Have you written for anyone like us?

Almost certainly (I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2004). Take a look at my featured projects here, and if you don’t see anything similar just email me. I have a huge portfolio and lots of testimonials.

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Copywriting doesn’t have an accreditation body, which is kind of annoying. So I do webinars, courses, and CPD whenever I can.

Yes, of course I’m on Instagram. So is my dog.