Sometimes you want to wheel in an expert for an hour or so…

That’s exactly what my copy consultation sessions achieve.

Perhaps you’ve got a sales page that isn’t converting. Or your email sequence isn’t getting much engagement. Or you feel your brand voice sounds depressingly similar to everyone else.

You can pay me to take a look (via shared screen, if you like) and make recommendations, all backed up with a video and written notes.

You are:
A fitness business owner who writes their own copy or has previously used a copywriter.

You need:
An expert to give you sound advice about why those words aren’t working, and leave you with actionable ways to improve them.

I Am:

Right Here

“After a quick chat, she understood exactly what our gym was about…

It was great to work with Nicola on a landing page that wasn’t performing how I wanted it to. After a quick chat, she understood exactly what our gym was about and what we needed to achieve. She gave some great ideas on how the page looked from a different point of view and rewrote the copy for it. I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs.”

Luke Tarbatt

Unit One

How does it work?

Copy consults typically last 60-90 minutes depending on what needs looking at.

We can do the consult as a live call with shared screen, or you can leave me to it.

Either way, you’ll receive a video critique and written notes so you can see what needs to be improved and how to do it.

If you then want me to make the improvements, you can hire me for copywriting services.

Have you written for anyone like us?

Almost certainly (I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2004). Take a look at my featured projects here, and if you don’t see anything similar just email me. I have a huge portfolio and lots of testimonials.

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Copywriting doesn’t have an accreditation body, which is kind of annoying. So I do webinars, courses, and CPD whenever I can.

Yes, of course I’m on Instagram. So is my dog.