Look. I was born in 1977. I don’t mean that kind of fit. But when I set up my Twitter, “@thefitnesswriter” was already taken. So, here we are.

Call me Nicola, Nic, thefitwriter – it’s all good.

I’ve always loved words (my personal journals have been on Radio4 Women’s Hour – yes, really). And my love of fitness goes back to Hythe Swimming Club circa 1985. When I discovered this thing called copywriting, I was hooked. My words can help the industry I love help more people get healthy? Yes please.

Turns out I’m really good at it.

My words have helped hundreds of brands and businesses in the health and fitness sectors.

Clients include fitness professionals, PTs, online coaches, athletes, supplement brands, equipment providers, SaaS platforms, apps, gym chains, industry bodies, sports NGBs, and qualification providers.

I also work with brands from other sectors who are partnering with – or moving into – the healthy living space.

Call yourself an expert fitness copywriter?

Yes, without hesitation. I’ve been paying my mortgage through copywriting since 2004 (never missed a payment). And I’ve had plenty of mentoring and CPD from other copywriters.

Why this industry?

Fitness is my biggest interest (dogs coming a close second, musical theatre probably third). I swam as a child, then got into endurance sport including running (3 marathons) and triathlons (to half-IM distance). I’ve swum the English Channel twice. I’ve got amateur bodybuilding World titles. When I was powerlifting, I had a 160kg deadlift.

I’m not just your copywriter, I’m your client

Clients marvel at the way I can pick up tone of voice so quickly. It’s partly because I’m a really good listener (journalism background to thank for that). But it’s also because I’m probably my clients’ client.

I use supplements, I go to gyms, I buy online coaching programmes, I wear sports apparel, and so many of my friends are PTs that I feel I know their struggles inside out.

Anyway. That’s enough about me.

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(It would make my day if you want to tell me your dog’s name and your favourite show tune.)

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Copywriting doesn’t have an accreditation body, which is kind of annoying. So I do webinars, courses, and CPD whenever I can.

Yes, of course I’m on Instagram. So is my dog.