I can be your very own copywriting coach. We’ll have fun and you’ll learn loads.

My copywriting coaching services are as flexible and bespoke as your 1-2-1 offers. Most people ask for one-off sessions, two sessions with homework and Whatsapp support in between, or longer-term mentoring support.

You are:
Any fitness professional who writes their own copy: PT, online coach, facility owner, nutritionist, physio, studio owner, small supplement or apparel brand.

You want to learn:
How to write your own social media content, marketing emails, sales copy, website copy or web pages, brand tone of voice, video scripts, case studies.

I Am:

Excited To Coach You

“A decision I wish I made sooner…

I realised that what I actually needed was some help with copywriting. From the start I knew Nic was the person to talk to. From the call to discuss what I needed, through to the coaching calls themselves I enjoyed every moment of my 1-2-1 copywriting coaching.

Not only is Nic one of the best copywriters in the business, she’s also an incredibly lovely human being. She genuinely cares about you and what you want out of coaching, and delivers on her service.

Nic’s materials, coaching and attitude are something you will struggle to find in this industry. She helped me in exactly the way I needed and plugged all the gaps. Working with Nic is definitely a decision I wish I had made sooner.”

Carl Goldsmith

Epic Fitness & Coaching

“The influence Nic has had on my own writing has been invaluable.

I had Nic coach me copywriting in a 1-2-1 capacity, and it still benefits me daily. The influence Nic has had on my own writing has been invaluable.

The knowledge I’ve gained from her means I’m always confident and able to articulate myself in the exact way I want. My content gets daily compliments from my audience and sells when needed.”

Tom Macmillan

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Copywriting doesn’t have an accreditation body, which is kind of annoying. So I do webinars, courses, and CPD whenever I can.

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